Talent Acquisition & Retention Assessments

A deep dive analysis to identify opportunities to increase the effectiveness of your talent acquisition and retention programs. Results include the elimination of manual recruitment and on-boarding and off-boarding processes, expanded sourcing methods, workforce planning, and ROI on recruitment dollars spent. The majority of clients understand that the “Post and Hope” methodology of past days is no longer acceptable. Clients have recognized significant cost savings from decreases in time to fill and reductions in expenses related to external recruiters, temporary agency staff and overtime costs. 

HRIS Assessments & Optimizations

TC HCS has found that organizations commonly work to automate manual processes but don’t build out, turn on modules or interface existing systems. This leads to manual intervention, decreased productivity, incorrect data and unnecessary expense. For many clients, we have found the actual data is incorrect resulting in significant over payments of compensation and benefits to carriers for existing and terminated employees.  

HRIS Implementations & Conversions    

TC HCS partners across HR functions and external vendors to insure the HRIS is built to optimize the technology investment, eliminate manual processes, and provide reliable and accurate data and reporting. We also advise on the development of analytics to ensure the accurate management and cost of the organization’s human capital investments. The end game is to provide managers with the processes and tools to allow them to focus more on people and less on paperwork.        

HR Department Structure

In the role of internal HR executives and external consultants, we have worked with multiple organizations to assist them in designing an efficient human resources structure. We have also assisted smaller organizations with identifying opportunities to automate functions, streamline processes and outsource functions as appropriate. We listen to our clients to understand the stated and underlying business challenges to provide targeted advice and flawless implementation.     

Confidential Investigations

The swift and professional handling of confidential investigations has an immediate effect on employee morale and safety, and ultimately on the financial performance and reputation of an organization. As a neutral third-party, we have investigated numerous claims of harassment and discrimination, helping our clients resolve issues prior to the involvement of an external agency.